QUESTIONS & ANSWERS What made you leave the world of mathematics and pursue a career in art?

“For many years I taught Mathematics at Wits University. I don’t think I have ever left the World of Mathematics – I simply stopped lecturing.

The time had come for me to try something that I was passionate about. I love Maths, but I also love art. Mathematics and Art have much in common.


They are both highly creative, imaginative and Intuitive. Much of the Zeitgeist in Mathematics is to be found in the artistic discipline.

From the time of the Renaissance, where the mathematical  theory of perspective was formulated by the greatest artists of the day –  to the concepts of Abstraction, Symbolism, Dimension, the Infinite and many others. 

I have given many talks and written often on the links between the two. At the moment I am working on a series of animations showing the amazing similarities of the two disciplines.”